August Update

DaVinci Gallery
4 min readAug 17, 2021


$500,000+ sales, VINCI Launch and more!

It has been a very busy last few weeks for the daVinci.Gallery team!

We wanted to provide an update on features and updates for $VINCI , airdrops, DEX rewards, and some incredible milestones.

On Site Staking update:

We have been fine tuning our automation for on site staking rewards.

Starting Monday Aug. 16th at 00:00 UTC , 86,538 VNL (locked VINCI) staking rewards will be airdropped to holders of 1000 or more $VINCI, according to the stake weight.

This airdrop will repeat every Monday until we can properly automate the rewards in real time. All staking is being tracked so as long as you have the $VINCI in your wallet and have registered, you are eligible for the staking rewards.

Stake Badge:

The way the VINCI badge will appear on your profile

For artists who stake 1000 $VINCI or more, we have created a badge system that will enable the artist to get top placement on the explore feed, allowing better visibility of artwork.
(badge and top placement in explore page will be implemented in the next days)

So far we currently have 82 addresses staking more than 1000 VINCI that will receive this badge. Don´t miss this opportunity

Badge details —

External Liquidity Providers on Decentralized Exchanges:

We currently have six exchanges providing liquidity for $VINCI across the Harmony network. (more coming soon)

As stated in our tokennomics document we will offer 95% locked rewards on top of the rewards issued from the Viperswap DEX!

(I.E ViperSwap awards VINCI unlocked, and will also earn locked VINCI as well)

The VINCI contract is rewarding weekly 432,692 for LPs :

5% is giving in VINCI on Viper community pool
95% in VNL (locked VINCI) weekly (411,058 VNL will be sent Mondays at 0:00 UTC )

What does this mean for you?

This means you can earn additional VINCI by providing liquidity on a decentralized exchange on Harmony.
(These rewards will be airdropped in the same manner as mentioned above)

Choice is important, and you have options when it comes to how you earn.
This encourages long term liquidity providing, and allows further development of the platform as we grow and build.

Are you asking yourself what to do“Internal staking” Vs “add liquidity” to receive more rewards? The answer depends on the number of users, however supposing that all artists in DaVinci will do the “internal staking” to get the Badge advantages, you will get more rewards adding Liquidity to Viperswap community pool (VINCI+VNL)

First Airdrops of VINCI complete

Transparency is something our team has worked diligently on.

We are proud to report the first successful airdrops in accordance with our roadmap!

1- The first 2000 artists engaged in the platforms launch received 225 VNL (locked VINCI)

2- (1,917) NFT owners from previous NFT projects on Harmony received
117.37 VNL (Locked VINCI)

Congratulations to all Soccerplayers: 130 owners, LMA: 23 owners, Beast Quest (Animoca): 1664 owners , Quidd: 100 owners

VINCI token added to CoinGecko

Congratulations to all VINCI holders, we are here:



DaVinci Gallery

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.