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4 min readOct 13, 2021


A few words about daVinci…

daVinci was built on the promise to offer a free minting platform for everyone and having the same culture as Harmony in mind.. “Harmony for One and All. Open Consensus for 10B”.

You can find this message hidden in Block 0 👀…

Having a blockchain scalable, faster, safer and cheaper like Harmony, daVinci and others benefits in many ways by being able to create the proper environment for a market, as it is daVinci in our case, a NFT Marketplace for artists. However these benefits come with a price by running the project on a cheap blockchain like Harmony, when we say “cheap blockchain” we mean that to mint/sell, resell, buy or send 1 NFT, the costs for a single transaction are extremely low compared to other projects running on different blockchains.

  • 1tx = up to 0.03 $ONE , means that an user can perform at least 33 tx — transactions on daVinci with 1 $ONE which is around 0.25 cents currently

Possible you have realize what these lower fees mean, and from the beginning we also noticed that the cheap transaction cost opens the doors to impersonators. Impersonators “profiles” created on daVinci who have started to mint “copy/pasted” or “filtered” artwork from others and even NFTs from Rarible, OpenSea or from the vast Google for which they have no copyright. We suppose that In their minds, the probability of selling something was higher than the outcome of getting banned on daVinci.

  • The daVinci team has always taken all the necessary measures to protect its community and will always do so!
  • The daVinci team has always listened to the feedback sent by our users and we have considered almost all their requirements for improving the platform!
  • The daVinci team is constantly looking to improve its platform and provide to the users the best possible experience!

The daVinci team, in order to protect its users, both artists and buyers, has taken several measures, among which we list:

  • 🚩 Red Flag for artist representing a warning, meaning it could be a plagiarist and NOT the owner of the NFT/s created. The artist account is blocked until the artist contacts the DaVinci community team for clarification or send an email to: davincigalleryone@gmail.com
  • ✅ Checking the image if is available online using reverse image search.
  • 🆘 Report button under the NFT/s owners profile.
  • 💬 Daily updates and warnings shared on our social channels.
  • 📝 Multiple forms created for reports and copyright infringements.
  • Unverified Artist will be removed from “Explore” page, and from “Secondary Market” page

In order to gain even more trust from our users and early supporters “artists or buyers”, we created a verification system which, once you pass it, you receive the verified badge and an increase to mint 5 NFTs/Day.

  • Verified badge for those who passed our verification!

Since we announced and shared the verification form, we’ve seen an overwhelming number of users requesting to be verified to receive the badge that comes along with the benefits mentioned above. The verification process meant our involvement as “humans” and our goal was for as many users as possible to be verified as trustworthy artists on daVinci. But unfortunately, some of our verified users started to act malicious and took advantage of the badge and the low costs to mint NFTs on daVinci.

  • The verification process didn’t require too much effort from artists and all the submissions were and still are verified by the daVinci team.

We have daily discussions about how to improve the verification process, how to protect artists and potential buyers, how to please everyone by giving them a reliable marketplace for their artwork… and last but not least, we wonder what our daVinci users want the most to encourage and how the daVinci marketplace should look like in their opinion!

The majority is looking for quality, a trustworthy platform and we all want daVinci to be seen in the NFTs space as the most exciting marketplace for all kinds of artists, sellers and buyers!

To achieve this, first we must improve the verification process and acquiring the badge as a verified artist must be more effective. So here are the new set of rules for passing as a verified artist on daVinci:


The verification time was increased to 7 days from 24/48h.
A new form for artists has been created Verification Form updated:

1- Mandatory*: The artist should share a valid email with the daVinci team for contact.

  • Is needed for letting the artist know if he passed or not.

2- Mandatory*: The artist should have at least 2* NFTs minted.

  • Required for comparing the artwork.

3- Mandatory*: The artist must have at least 1 social account “twitter, instagram, facebook or a website” older than 1 year.

  • Required as reference for his artist life or as a NFTs fan.

4- Mandatory*: The artist must have at least 1 social account “twitter, instagram, facebook or a website” linked on his daVinci profile.

  • It is needed as a reference for potential buyers.

5- Mandatory*: The artist should make reference to daVinci at least on 1 of his social accounts “twitter, instagram, facebook or a website”. If he has not done it already, he should do it before completing the verification form.

  • An artist requesting verification must support the DaVinci marketplace.

6- Mandatory*: When the artist completes the verification form, he should hold/have at least 25 VINCI tokens in the wallet owned and which is attached to his profile on daVinci.

  • Supporting DaVinci means you should vote on proposals.

The artists who pass the verification process will have a daily minting limit cap of 5 NFTs

We are very confident that with this implementations we will create a better marketplace

Thank you

DaVinci team



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daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.