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2 min readJun 26, 2021


Hello Artists!

We have received a number of questions regarding the mint limits in place and wanted to publish an easy to reference FAQ for the community.

Mint Limit FAQ:

Q: What is the Daily mint limit for?

A: The Daily limit for minting NFTs on daVinci.Gallery is the maximum number of NFTs you are able to create in a 24 hour period.

Q: What is the limit? How Many Mints do I get?

A: The limits are currently:

Unverified Artists: 1 NFT per 24 hour period
Verified Artists: 5 NFTs per 24 hour period

(Time is calculated in UTC. The 24 hour period starts/ends at 0:00 UTC)

Q: How do I get verified & increase the limit to 5 per day?

A: You can fill out the Artist Verification form.
(Please allow up to 72 hours for review before reaching out for support)

Q: Why is there a limit?

A: Harmony Protocol offers low-fee, permission-less transactions at 2 second finality.
To translate that to everyday language,
Harmony offers a lightning fast and incredibly low cost blockchain, for everyone.

The low cost nature does provide an opportunity for malicious actors to spam transactions, and daVinci.Gallery was not immune from this.

The limit is a temporary measure put in place to ensure artists are able to publish their work, and provide an equal opportunity for their work to be viewed on our explore pages, and featured pages without getting buried under a mountain of spam NFT creations.

Q: Will this always be the limit?

A: Absolutely not. The eventual goal is to not have a limit in any way for our artists. We encourage discussion on the matter, and are working diligently to install a fully functional governing body (in the form of a DAO) to allow the community to have a say in the way proposals are implemented in the future.

Q: How do I know if I have hit my limit for the day?

A: You will see this message displayed on daVinci.Gallery when attempting to create an NFT:

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Our community leaders and moderators have the answers! Reach out to them using the links below!






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