daVinci NFT Marketplace 1 year Anniversary!

DaVinci Gallery
2 min readApr 2, 2022


The daVinci NFT marketplace is commemorating the first year anniversary on 6th April! Come join us, and get the chance to win the “Celebration daVinci 1 year with NFTs” competition.

daVinci is a NFT marketplace that supports the creation, buying and selling of NFTs minted on Harmony, and over 1 year we are proud to share this numbers:

11,140 Active Artists

118,505 NFTs minted

100,657 NFTs/copies Sold

3,951,379 ONE total sales

How to participate:

Mint one NFT on daVinci related to “Celebration daVinci 1 year with NFTs” until 6th April and fill the submission form with your NFT link (only one submission per artist) — link to the form: here

On 6th April we will open a poll on twitter with the 25 best submissions (chosen from daVinci Governors). The 3 most voted NFTs will give to the artists a free monthly exhibition on daVinci Galleries (1st-daVinci, 2nd-Rembrandt, 3rd-Van Gogh) respectively.

p.s: The NFT can be in any category, for example art, music, etc.

daVinci Mainnet: https://davinci.gallery/

daVinci Testnet: https://testnet.davinci.gallery/

FAQ: https://davinci-how-it-work.notion.site/davinci-how-it-work/daVinci-gallery-FAQ-b1064d650e9e48089ebfdcaddd821f67

Join our Social networks:

Telegram: https://t.me/daVinci_NFT_Marketplace

Share your work: https://t.me/daVinci_artworks

Announcements: https://t.me/daVinciAnnouncements

Twitter: @davinci_gallery https://twitter.com/davinci_gallery

Discord: https://discord.gg/UpgmJUPcfv



DaVinci Gallery

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.