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2 min readApr 6, 2021

daVinci NFT Marketplace Launching on Harmony

Today, the daVinci NFT marketplace is launching on Harmony. daVinci is a NFT marketplace that supports the creation, buying and selling of NFTs minted on Harmony.

daVinci was created to enable a new generation of art. Current popular NFT platforms built on proof of work networks have high minting costs and intensive energy consumption. NFTs minted on daVinci (Harmony) cost less than $0.01 and require 99% less energy use.

With the recent successful NFT launches on Harmony including Atari, Beast Quest, and LMA Art Gallery, daVinci is poised to bring a unified marketplace for creators and collectors.

daVinci Roadmap

Today is Day ONE for daVinci. Creators can mint NFTs and users can buy and trade them. The existing popular NFTs on Harmony can be imported as well.

Since Harmony is fully Ethereum compatible, users can use their Metamask wallet to buy and store their collectibles. Refer to this link for setting up Metamask.

The daVinci team is planning additional features to be launched in version 2 of the platform including auctions, multi-currency payment and a VINCI governance token. Soon, creators and collectors will be able to use Harmony Names (ENS on Harmony) for sharing their identity on daVinci.

daVinci Mainnet: https://davinci.gallery/

daVinci Testnet: https://testnet.davinci.gallery/

FAQ: https://davincigalleryone.gitbook.io/davinci-gallery/

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Telegram: https://t.me/daVinci_NFT_Marketplace

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Discord: daVinci_Gallery https://discord.gg/UpgmJUPcfv

Users will also be able to import existing Harmony NFTs including Soccer Players, Atari, BeastQuest, LMA. Here are the contracts for existing Harmony NFTs for importing into daVinci.

DaVinci Gallery

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.