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2 min readDec 6, 2021


Hello daVicians, our daVinci team is very excited to share with the community our roadmap for 2022… daVinci galleries on Metaverse? Here we GO!!

First/Second quarter, Q1: 1 January — 31 March / Q2: 1 April — 30 June

  • NFT Bridge added inside daVinci (Ethereum to Harmony/ Harmony/Ethereum)
  • April 15 2022 — VNL will start successively to be converted to VINCI.

Third quarter, Q3: 1 July — 30 September

  • “Trading” NFT implementation (users can exchange NFTs with other users).
  • daVinci Metaverse category added to daVinci

daVinci Metaverse will be a digital place on metaverse, artists and collectors can buy an exhibition slot and use these virtual parcels for digital expositions.

Image source: Spacial (Image only example)

First phase:
For open exhibition slots (each parcel is a NFT) a 2D map will be available soon.

Second phase:
Automatically updating NFT gallery images based on each specific gallery/room from the collector.

Third phase:
The digital 3D exhibitions will be opening to the public.

  • “Lucky weeks” implementation, the DAO will be the judge to picking random winners, for special events.
  • “Events” will be added to the home page so that users and visitors know what the next event will be.
  • Generative NFT mints will be created under the new “Generative NFT” category.

Fourth quarter, Q4: 1 October — 31 December

  • daVinci Support for other chains:

Binance Chain

Polygon Chain

  • Metaverse partnerships
  • Museums partnerships
  • Galleries partnerships

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