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2 min readFeb 6, 2022


Hello daVincians, first of all, thank you for your patience all this time, It has been a very difficult and busy week for all the team, for daVinci Community, daVinci DAO Governors and daVinci Founders.

We wanted to provide an update about the VINCI token situation, as you may know in the beginning of the week one of the founders sold 500K VINCI tokens, (please don´t judge his behavior, those tokens are related to the 3-month vesting mechanism agreed on the tokennomics as a fair payment.)

However, 11,886,000 VINCI were wrongly sent to his wallet as well. In a measure to protect users funds, the VINCI/ONE liquidity was removed and sent to the daVinci DAO Governors multisig wallet, for some users this move can be seen as “protective” measure, for others, created even more panic.

The miscommunication created a very difficult situation for daVinci DAO Governors and users to handle it properly, objectively and without speculation, unfortunately there were several speculations about misconduct and associations.

Is the issue solved?

YES! We have fixed the bug and return the 11,886,000 VINCI tokens that were wrongly sent to one of the Founders account.
All 11,886,000 VINCI tokens were successfully sent to DaVinci Treasury multisig wallet transaction here:

With this we want to encourage all artist, collectors to use daVinci platform, daVinci.gallery is a fantastic platform to mint NFT, and there are so much to do and implement, join us as a community member, as an artist as a collector and family member.

We really sorry how this situation unfolded so fast, and the lost of trust that more than 10K artists are depositing on our shoulders. We are here to solve the issues when happen, and create a better marketplace.
A big thank you to all DAO governors, committed tirelessly to support the project and to find a solution together.


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DaVinci Gallery

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.