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The next generational leap in rewarding NFT artists, collectors, deFi, and the Harmony Community

Why Davinci.Gallery?

The Launch of DaVinci Gallery represented a paradigm shift in the NFT space on Harmony. The concept of bringing a low cost, frictionless platform for both artists and collectors was and remains an extremely ambitious goal.

Since their explosion in popularity, the conversation surrounding NFTs has centered primarily around two talking points:

  1. The artist can own and control their art and its distribution for the first time. Enfranchising millions.
  2. The environmental impact of NFTs minted on POW(Proof of work) chains, and our responsibility to protect our planet.

DaVinci Gallery launched on Harmony mainnet allowing, for the first time:

  • Artists to mint unique NFTs for a fraction of a penny on a POS chain; an industry first
  • Collectors to purchase and resell NFTs in seconds, avoiding the costly “Gas” fees associated with POW (proof of work) networks like Ethereum

The Next Generation of Art — Powered by $VINCI

The mission statement for the team behind DaVinci Gallery was to create the “Next Generation of Art”.

How do you empower a decentralized community to take up the responsibilities of growing an NFT platform while also bringing in all aspects of what makes Harmony the leader in deFi and Proof of Stake protocols?

$VINCI bridges this gap, goes a step further still and we are beyond thrilled to finally share those details with the world.

What is $VINCI?

$VINCI is the HRC-20 governance and utility token for DaVinci Gallery. Below we will deep dive into a few highlights of how $VINCI redefines NFTs for the world and rewards active participation in all aspects of Harmony NFTs and deFi.

We centered the core of the $VINCI experience around three pillars

  1. Community Driven — A fair launch.
    No pre-sale, seed rounds, or early allocations to investors
  2. Inclusivity — Launching on all major Harmony DEX promoting competition
  3. Long term Sustainability — Promoting responsible farming, and provided needed capital to further development

You can add $VINCI to your wallet using the following info

ChainId: 1666600000
Address: “0xb8e0497018c991e86311b64efd9d57b06aedbbae”
Symbol: “VINCI”
Name: “DaVinci Token”
Decimals: 18

What makes $VINCI different then other yield farming tokens?

$VINCI is first and foremost the utility token of the daVinci.Gallery marketplace. This token was designed to provide artists, and collectors with a unique way to buy, sell, and invest in NFTs.

We believe embracing the benefits of deFi and harnessing the incredible speed and efficiency of Harmony allow for a game-changer in the NFT space.

A few examples

  • Artists can earn $VINCI and then choose to increase their rewards through farming
  • Collectors can earn $VINCI from artwork bought and sold and use rewards to farm and earn a yield
  • Traditional deFi users can now leverage the growing NFT ecosystem on Harmony (8 Million ONE in sales since March across all Harmony NFT apps)

Real Utility, Right Now

The $VINCI token is unique in another way, we have genuine applications on chain, ready to put $VINCI to use on day one!

This is THE most important aspect of any token, on any chain.
Having actual use cases, and being able to encourage healthy circulation allows for rapid expansion and growth of the DaVinci Gallery platform.

$VINCI holders will be able to

  • Earn free $VINCI by using daVinci.Gallery and becoming active in its communities
  • Use $VINCI to vote on governance proposals through daVinci.Gallery DAO
  • Earn rewards based on their previous interactions with NFT on @harmonyone

That is just DAY ONE utility, the possibilities are limited only by our artists and our communities ambition to make Harmony the leader in NFTs over the coming year.

Artist Spotlight on daVinci.Gallery

The use of $VINCI will enable artists who invest in the platform, to not only be rewarded for using daVinci.Gallery,
but gain access to exclusive benefits only for holders of $VINCI.

Only artists with more then: 1000 VINCI will have a VINCI Badge near the Verified badge on their profile, (this value could change though our DAO vote)

this will also have influence how NFTs are sorted on the explore page.

Featured Artist page will only show artists that are Stakers/Holders

The new Explore page:

  • For the Verified Artists explorer:
    Sorted first = Verified + (VINCI Staker/Holder)
    Sorted second = Verified
  • For unverified Artists explorer:
    Sorted first = Unverified + (VINCI Staker/Holder)
    Sorted second = Unverified

Tokenomics and yield farming highlights


10% reserved for sellers, buyers

(9,000,000 VINCI) for sellers & buyers on daVinci:

  • Tokens are distributed to creators and collectors who made a sale or a purchase on daVinci during the past week. Buyers will receive 60% and sellers receive 40% of the weekly distributed amount

(tokens will be locked and released 1 year after each week distribution)

50% reserved for Liquidity Providers

(45,000,000 VINCI) for Liquidity providers in DEXs community pools

  • locking mechanism 95%, released successively over 2 years per block starting on April 15, 2022 (Leonardo Davinci Birthday))

10% reserved for Stakers/Holders (Single asset staking) on daVinci

  • (9,000,000 VINCI) for Stakers/holders (>1000 vinci)
    (rewards tokens will be locked and released after 1 year)
    Earn as long as you hold VINCI in your wallet, and stops when you sell CLAIM will claim your rewards following the unlock schedule

2% for initial launch incentives & contests

0.5% will be distributed to the first artists engaged for the daVinci Launch. (tokens will be locked and released in April 15 2022
(Leonardo Davinci Birthday)

  • First 2000 artists (for public seller+buyers)
    (tokens will be locked and released in April 15 2022)
    (Leonardo Davinci Birthday)

0.5% of the total VINCI supply is distributed among everyone who owns NFTs from other platforms:
(450,000 VINCI)

  • 0.25% for Harmony (Soccerplayers, LMA-art-Gallery, BeastQuest, Quidd) (tokens will be locked and released in April 15 2022)
    (Leonardo Davinci Birthday)
  • 0.25% for Ethereum community (rarible, openseas, superrare)
    (tokens will be locked and released in April 15 2022)
    (Leonardo Davinci Birthday)

1% contests

(1% of the total VINCI supply will be used to do events and contest)

28% Treasury

The community Team fund — 4% of tokens being minted

  • Will be used for marketing initiatives, community managers and fostering the daVinci application community. (Multisign account)

The servers & services expense fund — 4% of tokens being minted

  • Servers & services expense funding will be used to pay maintenance, servers, IPFS expenses. (Multisign account)

The liquidity provider fund — 10% of tokens being minted

  • Will be used to provide the initial liquidity to the VINCI/ONE pools on DEXs platforms from the team ($10k USD)

Founders commitment Fund — 10% of tokens being minted

  • 10% will ensure the long-term commitment of the founding team.

Multiplier mechanism for yields:

  • year 1: 3x multiplier
  • year 2: 2x multiplier
  • year 3: 1x multiplier

What does this mean for you?

This is a fantastic place to really break down how $VINCI benefits each unique user within the Harmony community.

To our Artists

Thank you. Your passion, your talent, and your incredible perseverance have created a community we truly believe could rival any in the NFT space.

$VINCI was created first and foremost to empower YOU, to continue to grow your brand, your visions, and enable growth only made possible by you.

$VINCI will be your tool, your brush, your perfect pallet.

  • $VINCI will be how you are paid for your work
  • $VINCI enables YOU to choose how the platform evolves
  • $VINCI allows you to grow your sales in multiple ways outside of NFTs

To our Collectors

Thank you even more so. Without your dedication to our artists, we would not be here today. The passion shown in our burgeoning collector space is incredible, and designed $VINCI to benefit you as well.

  • $VINCI allows for a seamless collector/artist relationship
  • $VINCI empowers the collector through on site staking and farming
  • $VINCI enables double methods of growth through flipping NFT and Yield Farming those gains, while allowing you to purchase more work.
    Allowing you to seamlessly earn multiple streams of revenue, onsite for the first time ever.

To our deFI communities

Thank you, maybe most of all. Your passion and and drive for growing Harmony has enabled daVinci.Gallery to find common bonds across so many of those communities.

A special thank you to VenomDAO for partnering with us on the DaVinci Gallery X VenomDAO Cross promotional competition

The 95/5 distribution model made popular by BAO Finance and implemented by VenomDAO to great effect on Harmony has proven effective at two things:

  1. Providing Amazing yields for investors, and encourage long term participation.
  2. Provides absolutely necessary capital allocation needed to grow and compete at the speed the industry is moving. (which is ludicrously fast)

We plan to offer a combination of onsite staking on daVinci.Gallery and innovative distribution through 3rd party liquidity rewards via Snapshot.

This enables us to offer the same 95/5 schedule to liquidity providers on ALL of our partner DEX platforms,


Incentivized $VINCI/ONE pool coming soon on ViperSwap (planned on 08/08/2021 00:00 CET)

This is just the beginning of the rollout of information regarding $VINCI. Stay tuned for follow up articles and content surrounding the specific tokenomics, use cases, rewards for holders of Harmony NFTs and so much more!

Thank you to everyONE who has joined our journey so far, and we look forward to sharing more details about VINCI with the world soon.

Last thing, please don´t FOMO, we are here for the long run, and we are searching for a sustainable steady growth, please add liquidity to the current pools to help our team to minimize volatility until the pools mature.


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DaVinci Gallery

daVinci is a NFT marketplace platform on Harmony, where the user can create NFTs and sell/purchase NFTs with incredible low fees and 2 seconds finality.