VINCI investors Badge Implemented!

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3 min readAug 29, 2021


Following our roadmap we have implemented a VINCI badge to all artists and collectors that stake more than 1000 VINCI tokens.

Why do we need this badge?

“You are investing in the platform, we invest in you!”

daVinci.Gallery is a community driven project, with decentralized governance implemented here.
It is important to remember that owning VINCI tokens is how (investors, artist and collectors) join on board and contribute in how the platform grows over time.

We feel that most artists and collectors want to have some sort of connection to the platform they are investing in.

The power of the badge itself should be a symbol of investment trust and commitment. Lets dive into those benefits below.

What are the advantages for artists?

- NFTs are now sorted in the explore page showing first 100 NFTs from artists with the VINCI badge, giving more visibility to artists that want promotion.

- Minting Max cap increased to 10 NFTs daily.

1 NFT daily for unverified artist
5 NFT daily for verified artist
10 NFT daily for Verified artist

What are the advantages for Collectors/Investors in VINCI token?

Based on our token-nomics, 9,000,000 VINCI are reserved for Stakers/Holders(>1000 VINCI) called Single asset staking on daVinci. check here

86,538 VNL will be distributed every Monday, 0:00 UTC to all Stakers based on the percentage of VINCI that you have in your wallet.
(rewards tokens VNL will be locked and released only after 1 year)
Earn as long as you hold VINCI in your wallet, and stops when you sell

VINCI current marketcap is 604,115.97 USD, which is extremely small for an utility and governance token with real utilization inside the platform, not to mention that also daVinci Galleries will be booked using VINCI token.

Check VINCI coingecko price here.
Some similar projects in other networks surpass 150M, here

What do i need to get the Badge?

First get VINCI tokens (>1000 VINCI)

you can get VINCI tokens through one of the Decentralized exchanges in Harmony network:


To check the VINCI price you can use the VINCI page inside daVinci marketplace here

Second, press the “stake” button in VINCI page here

Now what?

The Badges list will be updated every Sunday, until we are able to implement automatic update mechanism.

We need to expand our market and awareness, we are really in day one, for that we need your help.

Share daVinci.Gallery with everyONE.

Together, we can change the world of NFTs.

Thank you

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